LIVE STREAMED online classES

March 1 - 6, 2021

Live InnerCycle Class


Mon + Wed

7:30am PST



8:30am PST

Meeting ID: 919 3565 5698

Live Breathwork Class


5:00pm PST

Meeting ID:  871 1274 5982

PW: 179603

Recommended class donation is $20.00, BUT in this time of challenge please give what feels right for you.

Everyone is included, nobody excluded!

Class Donations can be made via Venmo


Hello Friends,

I hope you are all doing well and staying strong and focused within these times. I am doing a deep dive into myself and my business and looking for greater ways that I can improve my brand and be in service to all of you!  

I would like to ask a small favor from each of you, would you be so kind as to answer the questions in the link below? It would mean a great deal to receive your honest feedback.  Thank you in advance!

- Coach Chris

(It's only 4 short questions, I promise!)

upcoming workshops

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Audio class recordings

Experience an Inner Cycle Journey with Chris 

from anywhere!

Here’s the plan:

2 original classes per week for your choice of:

3 months (24 recordings) - $90.00 (suggested donation)

6 months (48 recordings) - $180.00 (suggested donation)

12 months ( 96 recordings) - $360.00 (suggested donation)


Platinum - $650.00 (suggested donation)
(Access to all 160 recordings)

Unplug studio classes are currently live and online each week!

Sign up online and join me for virtual Breathwork every Thursday at 12pm. 

Breathwork meditation allows you to access stuck energy and emotions that are buried deep within the body, and release them. I've found it to be a life-changing addition to my own meditation practice, and have seen clients find freedom from unprocessed pain, trauma, and stress that has held them back for years.

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