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LIVE STREAMED online classES

Saturday April 4th

Meeting ID: 483 423 994

Password: 633773

*March 2020 UPDATE*

I hope you are all staying well and finding peace and gratitude within yourselves during these challenging times. Sometimes we choose the change, Sometimes the change chooses us. We can resist and complain or we can lean into it and trust the lessons that will come! Self care is a priority right now! Taking care of ourselves physically and emotionally will help our bodies and nervous system to remain resilient in times of stress. SO as we step into these challenging times, I want to offer some options to take care of yourself in all areas of your life! I also understand that there are some financial concerns for some, so for this period offerings will be donation based (Unplug class not included).

1) Unplug.com is offering Classes online via Zoom. I will be teaching Breathwork on Thursday at 12:00PM

2) Inner Cycle classes (High Quality Audio). Classes can also be used on Elliptical, Running, Rower, etc. There is not only a structured workout within these classes but a deep life message that goes along with them. Email chrisplourde@me.com for link to Dropbox (Donation Based). 

3) Online Semi-Private Coaching - Topic: Flowing with Uncertainty, Expectations vs Agreements and more. Time: 12pm, Weds 03/18. Email chrisplourde@me.com to sign up and get your Zoom invite! (Donation based)

4) 1 hour Coaching call for individuals. Have you ever considered coaching? Contact chrisplourde@me.com to set up a 1 hour intro call!  

5) Private or semi-private Breathwork session via Zoom (Donation Based)


6) Looking for something else?  Let’s co-create something impactful! 

Class Donations can be sent via Venmo to

If you are financially vulnerable you are still welcome to join in at no cost!
EVERYONE is included, no one is excluded!

Experience an Inner Cycle Journey with Chris 

from anywhere!

Here’s the plan:

2 original classes per week for your choice of:

3 months (24 recordings) - $90.00 (suggested donation)

6 months (48 recordings) - $180.00 (suggested donation)

12 months ( 96 recordings) - $360.00 (suggested donation)


Platinum - $650.00 (suggested donation)
(Access to all 160 recordings)

In life we each have our own unique experiences, wisdom and knowledge to impart. Giving this knowledge can be very impactful for whomever is receiving, especially if it’s done in a clean, clear manner. One of the biggest gifts we can give another is the ability to come to their own truth and realizations. Asking deep powerful questions can give someone the insight they need. Join me in learning the art of deep questioning, holding space and other tools to guide this practice as we sharpen our skills of communication and connection.

This will be a one hour, deep dive conversation into the foundations of Breathwork:

  • The physical component; what happens to the body and why.

  • The Mystical experience and integrating that.

  • Why is Set and Setting is so important (the container).

  • Integration of what we experience and how to use it in our lives.

APRIL 2020

Stay tuned for more info


Setting Boundaries for Optimal Happiness

Fall 2020

We love the feeling of firing on all cylinders, wins are happening and we are in the FLOW.   Sometimes, though, we struggle to gain momentum, to keep our energy up and we sabotage ourselves by ineffectively prioritizing our day.  Are you giving too much of your energy away?  Do you know how to set clear boundaries to protect your physical and emotional energy? Are you structuring your day for optimal performance?  This break-out session will help us identify the types of people we surround ourselves with, who and what to say yes to, and strategies to maximize performance and utilize our time more efficiently.

3 Day Ojai Retreat

Oct 2020

Check back soon for more details


Breathwork meditation allows you to access stuck energy and emotions that are buried deep within the body, and release them. I've found it to be a life-changing addition to my own meditation practice, and have seen clients find freedom from unprocessed pain, trauma, and stress that has held them back for years.