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There are so many people I come across that wish their lives were different in some way. They may have thoughts like “If this didn’t happen I would be here…” or “If I had gotten that job then I would have done this or been there…” or “If I wasn’t born into these circumstances then I would be in a different place…” . The most challenging step in life is ACCEPTING all that you are and where you came from. Once we accept, THEN the shifts can be made. My dream is for you to fall in love with your unique story. If there is one thing I’ve learned in my twenty plus years of coaching people toward strengthening their bodies, disrupting their negative thought patterns, and fine-tuning their lives, it’s that the journey to your authentic self means more than merely accomplishing a fitness goal or reaching a milestone in your career. It’s much more holistic and it begins from the inside out. It is a process. The process of falling in love with yourself and falling in love with the journey that you are on!  

My lifetime immersion in sports and exercise—from playing college football, competing in 24-hour ultra-endurance events, competitive cycling, golfing, surfing to practicing/teaching yoga, meditation and breathwork—has taught me to first, focus on the journey not the destination, as a way of achieving fulfillment. It’s all about falling in love with the process of becoming great.  Second,  when I make a commitment, put my best effort forth and surrender to the experience, THAT is where the growth occurs! Looking back, I see how this philosophy has allowed me, my clients, and everyone close to me to evolve and excel in all areas of our lives. Setting goals and being able to establish the proper mentality to achieve those goals with a clear purpose, on a daily basis, is fundamental. It’s something that I look forward to co-creating with all of my clients. 


Another part of my life’s journey has been working on and with Men’s Teams and Organizations for 11+ years. As a former Chief Executive, we would help develop leaders within our communities -  guiding Men to find their authentic, mature masculine selves through leadership training programs, and curriculum, meeting in weekly circles and creating and executing various events all over North America and within our communities.  It has taught me to focus on excellence versus perfection and that "falling down" is essential to unlocking our greatness.


As a father to my two incredible children and a husband to my amazing wife of 15 years, I owe clear communication and emotional intelligence to my connected loving family. As a coach, I understand the mindset needed to accomplish defined performance goals. As a businessman, I understand the mindset required to achieve higher productivity levels, whether in sales, production or management. I’ve had the opportunity to work with top athletes, both professional and amateur, and well-known companies including Walt Disney, Enterprise Car Rental and Xerox. A Former Master Trainer in the Fitness industry (Spinning®, ICG®), I certified thousands of instructors around the world and created & presented content that not only hit the physical aspect, but also the mental and the full spectrum of life. I have coached celebrities, executives, busy moms and dads, even military Special Ops personnel. While the needs of all of these types of people may vary, the core concept is the same: the way you approach one thing in life is the way you approach everything in life.

What about you? Are you feeling stuck? Wishing you knew how to uncover and maintain your focus and find more balance and potential in your life? I have helped people from all walks of life ----- business leaders and athletes, busy parents and military specialists, people facing difficult challenges or career shifts, and some simply wanting to shake up their lives for the better. By “disrupting” their normal way of thinking in order to help them achieve their maximum performance, I have guided them toward new goals and helped them to acknowledge their limiting beliefs so that they can break through them, creating a launching pad to greater heights in their lives. No matter where you are on the path, I would love to help YOU too!


Want to learn how Conscious Performance Coaching can awaken your personal, spiritual, physical or professional life?

Contact me and let’s begin the journey…

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