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“The way you approach one thing in life is

the way you approach everything in life…”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my twenty plus years coaching people toward strengthening their bodies and fine-tuning their lives, it’s that the journey to your authentic self means more than merely accomplishing a fitness goal or reaching a milestone. It’s about finding balance. It’s much more holistic, it’s a process, and it begins from the inside out.


Balance has been important for me too. As a coach, I understand the mindset needed to accomplish defined performance goals. As a businessman, I understand the mindset required to achieve higher productivity levels, whether in sales, production or management. I’ve had the opportunity to work with top athletes, both professional and amateur, and well-known companies including Walt Disney, Enterprise Car Rental and Xerox.  I have coached celebrities, executives, busy moms and dads, even military Special Ops personnel. While the needs of all of these types of people may vary, the core concept is the same: the way you approach one thing in life is the way you approach everything in life.


Setting goals and being able to establish the proper mentality to achieve those goals with a clear purpose, on a daily basis, is fundamental.

It’s something that I look forward to co-creating with all of my clients. 

As you consider how you’ve approached reaching your goals up to now, whether fitness-related or otherwise, maybe you’ll relate to some of my story…


I used to think exercise was all about just putting my head down and getting it done—that what mattered was low body fat, “ripped” abs and winning. Man, was I wrong!  Many years ago, after completing a triathlon, I reached a point that allowed me to see how I was showing up in sport and in LIFE...my training was forced, my life was unbalanced and I was pretty miserable. I was so focused on the outcome that I was missing out entirely on enjoying and learning from the process, or more importantly, noticing the slow transformation that was taking place so I could remember (and use it) it later on.


From that time on, I have shifted my perspective and been more focused on the journey, not the destination, as a way of achieving fulfillment of my life’s goals. I can’t tell you what a difference it has made.  


My lifetime immersion in sport and exercise—from playing college football, competing in 24-hour ultra-endurance events, competitive cycling, or practicing yoga, meditation and breathwork—has taught me that when I make a commitment, put my best effort forth and surrender to the experience, that is where the growth occurs!  Looking back, I see how this philosophy has allowed me, my clients and everyone close to me to evolve and excel in all areas of our lives.  Whether in sport or in life, embracing our challenges with a clear context is a key for optimal outcomes.


What about you? Are you feeling stuck? Wishing you knew how to uncover and maintain your focus and find more balance and potential in your life? I have helped people from all walks of life ----- business leaders and athletes, busy parents and military specialists, people facing difficult challenges or career shifts, and some simply wanting to shake up their lives for the better. By “disrupting” their normal way of thinking in order to help them achieve their maximum performance, I have guided them toward new goals and helped them to acknowledge their limiting beliefs so that they can break through them, creating a launching pad to greater heights in their lives. No matter where you are on the path, I would love to help YOU too!

Want to learn how Conscious Performance Coaching can transform your personal and professional life?

Contact me and let’s begin the journey…

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