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Kind words.

"Working with Chris was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. I felt an instant connection to him - like he could see me for who I was, but also who I was meant to be. His presence and direct but loving approach helped me feel safe to explore the patterns and beliefs that were no longer serving me - and to take clear steps towards releasing them. I often found that he could see one step ahead of where I was at - the version of me that was just around the corner. Having him there to hold that space and see me in that light helped me reach each version of myself faster than I could have on my own. Through his support and guidance, I have been able to show up as a better coach myself, as well as a better partner, daughter and friend. Chris, I am so grateful for you!”


- Amanda C

"I loved working with you this year. Looking back to where I was when we started and where I am now… What a difference! I have learned to transform and use what’s coming my way good or bad in opportunities. To see the the lessons and grow. 
I am proud, I feel almost invincible and my heart is full of gratitude! Thank you so much for guiding me through and looking forward for what’s to come." 

- Sophie

"Working with Chris Plourde has been the best gift I have given myself. As the year comes to a close, and I reflect on my year and all I have accomplished and all I have discovered about myself, I realize I have one person to thank for my growth and healing.  As a coach, Chris has provided me with a safe and nurturing space to explore my needs and my goals. He has helped me to figure out how to let go of what is no longer serving me and to develop a plan for myself to create and achieve my goals moving forward. Chris’s unique experience allows him to help in all areas of my life and therefore we have been able to effect change that has been unbelievably powerful in a very short time.  I have seen positive change not only in my life, but in the lives of my family and in my career. Chris has a way of guiding me (and his clients) in a nurturing and supportive way while also pushing me to achieve my highest potential. Thank you Chris for helping me to be my best self and I cannot wait for all we can accomplish together in the years to come." 

- Steph

"Chris will sift through your personal patterns & practices until only your highest intentions, integrity and performance remain. He has a talent for polishing up your purpose and ensuring that your life matches up with its highest possible alignment, while fiercely and lovingly assisting in clearing the pathway to fulfilling your truest potential."


- Ellye O

"Chris, Your “What Matters Most” presentation really resonated with me as I started thinking about ‘embracing the uncomfortable’. Not just exercise, but in our business life and in our relationships. I think you’re an excellent communicator and your message was great on so many levels. Thank you for taking the time to be with us on this very special day."


- Madelyn H

"I have worked with Chris for several months now, and it has been a hugely impactful experience. Chris is gifted in bringing out the best you didn’t know you had. What Chris does best is help you understand that your life, your circumstances, and the outcomes you seek are very much within your control. That has, for me, been a revelation that has lead me to alter my approach to work and play; I’m more directed, more proactive, and am experiencing more success and greater satisfaction in both. I cannot recommend Chris more highly."


- Ed L

"Chris’ class goes well beyond---it is a moving meditation pushing you to the outer limits, learning to be ok with being uncomfortable, and how to breath through the challenging times. Through his guidance and expert training, I'm the fittest and leanest I’ve been in years."


- Maureen M

"Chris is an exceptional Coach. His classes are inspirational and motivational. There is purpose and meaning in his teaching. Thank you for bringing it every single day!"


- Amy V

"Not only is Chris one of my favorite people on the planet but he is an incredible leader, coach and teacher. He has motivated me beyond the physical as he always has inspirational thoughts and ideas for us to dig deeper into ourselves. I always walk away feeling more grounded and clear."


- Lisa O

"Chris Plourde is a first-class instructor, but his true talents reside in his coaching abilities which quickly motivate you to meet your potential. Chris is not only inspiring, he creates an atmosphere that encourages you to aspire to be your best, set goals and obtain them through hard work. Change is difficult, but Chris is dedicated to making others focus on what is achievable in their lives and discover their inner possibilities and the joy of conquering obstacles both inside, as well as outside."


- Audrey B


"Chris is a talented Coach. He is able to motivate and encourage his clients to work hard in order to be successful in not only achieving physical fitness but in developing a healthy well-being. Chris is a dynamic instructor and he motivates and supports all of us to know the joy of exercise and what it brings to our lives."


- Laurie F

"Chris is a great Motivator and Coach. His words are so inspiring and make me realize how strong I really am. To use his words, ”Discomfort is welcome here!"


- Beth D

"I have taken classes for 20 years and have never been more inspired by a Coach than by Chris. His positive attitude and genuine love for coaching come through in each and every class. Each class ends with sweat, joy, and inspiration for the day."


- Linda S


Chris is the best "space holder/mirror" I have had the opportunity to work with. He helped me build the foundation to become ready to meet my true-self and in our 6 months of co-creation I had to face one of the biggest challenges of my life. My father passed away during our coaching adventure and with Chris's help I was able to able to heal completely from the traumatic childhood memories my father and I created, but I was also able to transcend the pain in a way that is now becoming a tool to help others do the same. The gift that I received most from Chris was a stable, confident foundation that was the precursor to find myself and to love the person I was becoming. 


- Chris B​​

"I hired Chris as a personal coach hoping to deal with some bad habits I wanted to change. The scope of our work very quickly expanded to life coaching. As a result I now meditate every morning, journal most days, and have a set of goals for my current work and whatever may come my way next. And by the way, during the course of our work together, I was promoted twice and now hold a senior position in a large company."

- Susan

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