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When we think of “performing better” we sometimes associate that with more intensity - Pushing ourselves harder. That’s true to a certain degree, however, a big part of optimal training is understanding how to slow down in order to become more efficient, utilize our lung capacity to increase oxygen, use mindfulness techniques to push through resistance and much more. Come and join us as we learn valuable breathing and mindfulness techniques that will help you perform better in your sport and in all areas of your life!


What you will walk away with:

1) Proper breathing techniques that will improve Performance and Efficiency.

2) Meditation methods to lower heart rate, drop cortisol levels and balance the nervous system.

3) Goal setting and visualization.

4) An understanding of Periodization Training for long term success.

When: Saturday September 30, 2023

10am - 11:15am

Cost: Free

Where: Brooks Venice Pop-up

1511 Abbot Kinney

Venice, CA 90291

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