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This Outdoor Fitness camp is located on the Bluffs of Santa Monica overlooking the beautiful Pacific Ocean. This location, along with the challenging and well rounded workout, is the perfect scenario to bring out the athlete within YOU. It allows us to combine Physical and Mental components that will challenge that place between too much and not enough, so that you reach your peak fitness goals. Expect personal attention from your coaches, goal-oriented training, measurable results and a whole lot of fun - Guaranteed! 

Cost: $420 for 6 week session (2x a week)

$240 for 6 week session (1x per week)

Drop in session: $40

Couple Meditating



Book a one on one 

session with me

Breathwork meditation allows you to access stuck energy and emotions that are buried deep within the body, and release them. I've found it to be a life-changing addition to my own meditation practice, and have seen clients find freedom from unprocessed pain, trauma, and stress that has held them back for years.

Audio Class Recordings

Experience an Inner Cycle Journey with Chris 

from anywhere!

Here’s the plan:

2 original classes per week for your choice of:

3 months (24 recordings) - $90.00 (suggested donation)

6 months (48 recordings) - $180.00 (suggested donation)

12 months ( 96 recordings) - $360.00 (suggested donation)


Platinum - $650.00 (suggested donation)
(Access to all 160 recordings)

Work with me 
1 on 1

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