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Online & In Person Classes

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*Monday night Breathwork classes will resume at a later date! Check back here soon for more info.*

Breathwork meditation allows you to access stuck energy and emotions that are buried deep within the body, and release them. I've found it to be a life-changing addition to my own meditation practice, and have seen clients find freedom from unprocessed pain, trauma, and stress that has held them back for years.

Join me on alternating Monday nights at 7pm during the summer right from the comfort of your own space. Links to class and to donate below.

*Suggested donation $20*

Audio Class Recordings

Experience an Inner Cycle Journey

with Chris from anywhere!

Here are the options:

Access to 40 Class Recordings for $225,

80 Classes for $350,


 The entire collection of 160 Recorded Classes for $600.

Work with me 
1 on 1

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